Kevin Cole: The Big Announcement!


Good people of the internet, with any luck you are here because a week ago I said I would be making an announcement on this page. That or with any luck this message has been spread about like the latest West Nile outbreak and now the whole world is excited.

I’ve never been one to make an audience wait through a long and tedious introduction praising what it is I am about to announce, I’ll make such remarks after you know what it is I’m talking about. So lets cut to the chase, or as one would more accurately call it…THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

I, with the help of a solid staff of writers, am starting a new humor magazine called The Annual. 

As of right now, there are 3 major humor publications on the market: MAD Magazine, The Onion, and The New Yorker. All three are great, but all three offer a very specific feel. MAD is often seen as a magazine for kids (it’s not) it’s content is heavily based in comic strips and goofy parodies of what’s going on in pop-culture. The Onion is continually brilliant but very strictly fake news. And The New Yorker has this reputation for being very upperclass. All of these magazines have their upsides, and I don’t wish to make any enemies by listing them here because I’ve been influenced by all three. That said, there seems to be very little middle ground between them. 
Initially I was inspired by the National Lampoon, or more so a vision of what they used to be. Let’s not pretend the past 15 years (which may be a generous number) haven’t been too kind to the Lampoon. The magazine no longer in print, the radio hour long gone, feature films now straight to dvd. In my spare time I fantasized about “infiltrating” the Lampoon and resurrecting the company. Then I had another thought, why not create my own? A company to create comedy, a company that would be lacking the “straight-to-dvd Dorm Daze 18: Practically Legal” phase, and this is where The Annual comes in. 
(On a side note: The National Lampoon’s website has been under construction since June, I don’t know what they’re up to, but they may be trying to turn themselves around, and good for them if this is case. But I digress).
The Annual is a new magazine that will deliver some of the finest humor material this side of 38th parallel. Prose, articles, poetry, comics, all in one publication. I’ve gathered a solid staff of writers whom I have met and already worked with from Stand up, Improv, The Otter Club, a wide variety of writers providing a wide variety of material. But material doesn’t end with our own staff of writers, The Annual will be taking in and publishing 5 submissions per issue because despite my firm confidence in all our writers, who knows what else is out there.
The magazine is just the beginning with a podcast network in works as well. A slew of free shows (including the Emergency Broadcast Podcast) delivered straight to your ears. In the long term this could lead to films, books, all sorts of good stuff, but it begins here with a simple magazine.
We’re looking to publish bi-monthly (that’s every other month, not twice a month), we have no publisher so printing will be handled on our end. I’m not going to lie, we’re poor comedy writers and we’re going to need some help getting this bad boy off the ground-that’s where Kickstarter comes in. The details of this campaign are still being ironed out, but will begin shortly as we are hoping to publish the first issue come December/January. 
Help us bring more laughter into the world and stay tuned for further developments*.
*Further developments can be found at our webpage:

Kevin Cole: The Big Announcement!

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