The Emergency Broadcast Podcast Returns!

The Emergency Broadcast Podcast has made it’s long awaited return to the airwaves with a brand new half hour format! This episode features survival tips for National Dog Bite Prevention week, kidnappings as well as a special interview regarding “twerking” and an examination of Angelina Jolie’s Breasts!

You can stream the entire episode here, OR SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES!!!

EBP 201-Written by:

Kevin Cole

Vocal Talents:

Kevin Cole

Karli Cole

One thought on “The Emergency Broadcast Podcast Returns!”

  1. I tried your counter-tornado technique on a recent trip to OKC not one but twice, but each time forgot which direction to spin — or, more accurately, was unable to discern if my spin direction was relative to an observer looking UPWARD (as I was) or DOWNWARD (as your instructions imply). The result – an unfortunate intensification of the storm(s). Perhaps a followup podcast with a clarification is in order?

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