Badassery Today

Andrew Michaels 

The term “badass” has made its way into the vocabulary of today’s society.  Upon analysis, some may view the word with a negative connotation, believing it to define an “ass” that is “bad.”  However, many use the word to describe those who are tough, bring trouble, and do things others simply would not.

The intensity of these traits and acts vary between individuals, both male and female.  A high school student stealing the teacher’s laser pointer to distract the class would be located higher on the scale of “badassery.”  On the other hand, you may have two younger siblings eating candy and then secretly shoving the wrapper in their mom’s purse.  While an accomplishment nonetheless, they have not yet reached the calling.

Although badass people exist everywhere, they all have their own capabilities, placing them in certain areas of society.  For instance, I spotted a man of badass-like qualities in a ballroom dance class I took during a semester in college.  Flaunting his macho physique, the 22-year-old football player stumbled through class after class, learning less about technique and more about his female classmates’ bra sizes.  The man was definitely a badass on the football field, but a flop in the dance studio.  However, this doesn’t mean that badass people don’t exist in rough-and-tumble hobbies.  I learned this when I met Devin.

With the body of a typical college male and the hip movements of Shakira, Devin pranced his way through every turn, tuck, and spin.  While the sight of his shaking hips was rather disturbing due to his skin-tight excuse for pants, it was clear that what stood before me was a badass ballroom dancer.  Sure, he might get his ass kicked on the football field, but on his turf, anything goes.

So, any time you’re feeling like your life has not built up to the hierarchy of badassery, just ask yourself, “What kind of badass am I?”  Because deep down, there’s a badass in you.

Badassery Today was originally published in The Annual #002, purchase your copy today!

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