Cheerios Controversy

As the resident multi-racial writer here at The Annual, I was asked to respond to the recent controversy surrounding a Cheerios commercial starring an interracial family and the hatred and racism filled YouTube comments that were aimed at this portrayal of an American family. First I will watch the video and then I will offer my feedback. Feel free to watch along with me.


*Clicks play*

*Heart melts from all of the adorableness*

*Dies with a toothy grin on her face*


Note from the Editor:

RIP Briana Haynie, The Annual’s resident Multi-Racial Writer. 

2 thoughts on “Cheerios Controversy”

  1. There is a serious issue here. How did that precious little girl, after being adopted by a lesbian couple, discover the identity of her father, make her way there and then show her anger by spilling Cheerios all over him as he slept? This child is a psychopath in the making…

  2. People just want something to talk about. Boredom kills. America needs to grow up and deal with reality. Interracial couples are no different from any other family.

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