The Annual Live


For those who received The Annual #3 you may be aware of this, but those who aren’t should gleefully mark their calendars in anticipation for The Annual LIVE! The show will take place at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick, MD on July 5 & 6 at 8pm (tickets are $10 plus a 1.50 surcharge). Here’s the rundown…

After years of co-hosting the popular variety show The Annual Live, Karli Cole has decided it’s time to call it quits, move to Italy and take up with the Vatican. As a result, it’s up to remaining co-host Kevin Cole and the rest of The Annual Staff to give her a fitting send off as the fate of The Annual Live hangs in balance. It’s a final farewell that brings forth the cross between The Larry Sanders Show and Sonny and Cher that no one asked for! So look forward to sketches, musical performances, and a special appearance from the Laugh Station crew!

Copies of The Annual Issue 4 will be available as well, featuring our exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie!

So once all your fireworks have been lit come see The Annual Live!

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