Legislative Schedule

Bills To Be Heard Today:

SB 106: Commission Task Force to Study: Propeller Hats—The Future of Aviation?

HB 289: BUDGET RESOLUTION: Allocate $90 billion for ‘bacne’ cure, because, ew.

HB 1054: BUDGET RESOLUTION: $40/week for divorced dads to take their kid to Dave & Busters for once,. Geez, Dad, your house is so boring. Mom’s is way more fun.

HB 874: Bill to outlaw ‘Night Parents.’

SB 1: Increase the salary of the legislator from District 24 with the great haircut and the damn good-looking teeth to $1,000,000,000 annually. WITHDRAWN.

SB 666: Scary bill. Please kill this bill.

SB 201: Bill to Outlaw ‘Truck Nutz.’

AMENDMENT: Bill to stop Calvin from peeing on everything, goddamnit.

HB 894: BUDGET RESOLUTION: Commemorate the death of the 500th victim of gun violence in our state by giving their family a vacation to the Bahamas! Allocates $4,000 for fun snorkeling and fun swimming times, because this is about the most meaningful gun violence legislation we’ll be able to pass.

SB 2: You all have to like my really funny statuses on Facebook, okay?

HB 755: BUDGET RESOLUTION: Holy shit, did you guys see that article about carbon nanotubes? Can we get some of that here?



Beginning at 6 p.m. or When Voting is Complete

  • STATE LEGISLATURE SUMMIT. HOSTED BY: The Mountain Climbers Caucus. This will take place on the summit of a mountain.
  • STANKY LEG NIGHT. HOSTED BY: The Stanky Leg. Come do the Stanky Leg with your favorite state legislators!

 Scott Travers

Legislative Schedule was originally published in The Annual #3, purchase your copy today!

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