Bigfoot Spotted Leaving Club With Two 17 Year Old Girls!

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Bigfoot Leaves ClubOn Friday, Bigfoot, THE Bigfoot, best known for his appearance in the film Harry and the Hendersons was spotted leaving the popular Los Angeles Nightclub “Tom Hardly’s” with two 17 year old girls.

Bigfoot reportedly exited the club and hailed a cab. After five minutes of waiting it appeared that Bigfoot came to the conclusion that there was no way for a large hairy ape to get a cab in this town and crossed the street with the two girls around his arms and disappeared into a grove of palm trees. Despite the five minutes in which Bigfoot was seemingly standing on the street corner, motionless, Annual photographers were unable to get a clear photograph of the creature.

Bigfoot Spotted was originally published in The Annual #4, purchase your copy today!

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