Ep. 17 – I want to dance with grandma!

MarryMe itunes art

Episode 17 of Marry Me! is now live! Click the picture above to subscribe on itunes.

You can also stream the episode here.

In this week’s Marry Me, Cullen, Kevin and Susan get back into the question game and discuss whether weddings have changed from quaint ceremonies about love to elaborate made for television productions. All of this boils down to nothing more than Cullen and Kevin planning their wedding to each other, but it helps… somehow.

EDITORS NOTE: During the first ten minutes of this episode there is an odd clicking sound, it doesn’t come from any specific podcaster, I believe this was an internal sound of my computer slowly killing itself, as it attempted to do just that part way through the recording. Sometimes the clicking the prevalent, sometimes it goes away all together, I did what I could to remove it when possible. Also, around 24 minutes in, Cullen has a coughing fit, this is entirely his fault.

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