The Annual #8 Now Available!

008CoverIn this latest issue, we pay tribute to the late great Harold Ramis.

photo 3David Luna sits down for a two part interview with Justin Roiland, co-creator or Rick and Morty on Adult Swim!

photo 1Sam Walker returns to dish out some Completely Serious Advice!

photo 2Meadowland returns for its second installment!

Plus, we learn some etymology, spend some time at the movies and so much more! This issue is jam packed with material that you won’t want to miss and will be sure to keep you laughing for the next two months!

Order your copy today for the discounted price of only $4 (with free shipping), offer lasts until 3/21!

This issue also features material from:

Parker Benbow
Miguel Castro
Kevin Cole
Nicolas Contreras
Lily Fryburg
Taylor Goebel
Stuart Gunter
Briana Haynie
David Luna
Emily Perper
Buddy Purucker
Scott Travers
Sam Walker

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