LOLing With Longreads 4/11/14

Emily Perper

What the Hell is Harmontown? (Ben Kirby, Empire)

Everyone’s talking about Colbert (including our editor-in-chief), but let’s take a look at the empire of Dan Harmon: “Community” creator, “Rick and Morty” co-creator, star of an upcoming documentary and host of a raucous podcast. He also might be a genius. One of those tortured-but-in-love-with-life geniuses.

Life Sentences: Dinosaur Erotica (Michael Reid Roberts, The American Reader)

What happens when you take a Stanford-standard syntactical study and apply it to … DINOSAUR EROTICA?

Adventures With UPS Man (Roxane Gay, The Hairpin)

Let Bad Feminist and all-around badass Roxane Gay regale you with tales of her intimate/unrequited relations with her UPS man.

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