Polite Lyrics

“It’s getting hot in here/so take off all your clothes/but only if you want to/I sometimes feel self conscious when I’m naked too.”

“I like big butts and I cannot lie/ I value honesty above all else.”

“I wake up every evening/with a big smile on my face/ and it never feels out of place/and you’re still probably working/ at a nine to five pace/I’m sorry you’re stuck at that job and I’ll totally let you know if I hear of any openings somewhere else. “

“They tried to make me go to rehab/I said no thank you, no thank you, no thank you.”

“When I saw her/walking down the street/she looked so fine/ I just had to speak/ I asked her name/ but she turned away/ as she walked/ all I could say was/ nothing because I respect women’s boundaries.”

“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof/ because I’m happy/ I understand the importance of validating the feelings of others, even if they’re different from my own.”

“Please don’t ever say that I walked away/ I didn’t mean to interrupt you/I acted like a wrecking ball/I’ve never felt like such a jerk/ all I wanted was to go to the mall before it closed/ I’m sorry!/Please know I’m sorry!”

“I said I’m sorry Mamma/I never meant to hurt you/I never meant to make you cry but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet/because you’ve asked me to five times this week.”

“Everybody in the club eatin’ Triscuits.”

“She thinks my tractor’s functional/It really turns on regularly.”

“She made a cherry pie/very good with milk, such a sweet surprise/tastes so good I had a second piece/Great cherry pie.”


By Lily Fryburg, Briana Haynie, Andrew Michaels, Emily Perper, Cassie Schaeffer, and Kate Sidley

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