The Annual #9 Now Available for PREORDER!

Annual9CoverComing May 8th: The Annual #9! It’s a date that has many asking, “Why not release The Annual #9 on May 9?” The answer: We want you to be happy as soon as possible, and there’s a lot to be happy about our newest issue:

Nico’s Drink of the Month comes unhinged as birthday festivities ensue. Q2Q Comics creator Steve Younkins teams with Amber George for their newest comic strip, Doomsday Sandwich. We unveil our very first topical characters: Borisnakov and Natalia. And David Luna chats with Whose Line Is It Anyway star Brad Sherwood. We’ve got food pyramids, a break-up letter to your bangs, ways to impress your date and so much more!

Head over to The Annual store and PREORDER The Annual #9 for only $4 (and free shipping)!

It’s guaranteed to be the ONLY magazine where you’ll find

a picture of Brad Sherwood

riding in his rocket chariot

being pulled by his Rottweilers

in hellhound form

in space.

Contributing Writers/Artists:

Parker Benbow | Kevin Cole | Nicolas Contreras | Lily Fryburg | Amber George | Stuart Gunter | Hannah Gutman | Briana Haynie | David Luna | Andrew Michaels | Damon Norko | Emily Perper | Buddy Purucker | Kate Sidley | Cassie Schaeffer | Kelsey Sartory | Steve Younkins

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