A Look Inside The Annual 9!

Annual9CoverThere’s a lot to be said about The Annual #9, in many ways it’s our most visually appealing issue yet. Emily and Kevin sat down and really cranked out some upgrades to make this issue feel more like a magazine than past ones, and that’s saying something considering all The Annual has to do to feel like a magazine is sit unread on the back of your toilet. Needless to say, The Annual #9 makes a number of improvements, there’s even a masthead for Christ’s sake!

photo 1

Jam packed with new content from your favorite Annual writers and illustrators, The Annual #9 will have you laughing for a full two months. Buddy Purucker even provides a new Annual Manual to help you read it.

photo 2

If you were concerned about the state of Nico’s Drink of the Month following his announcement of sobriety at the start of year, get ready to watch him fall off the wagon in a very poetic nature (by summing up the experience with an actual poem).

photo 4

While this issue may be missing a bit of Sam Walkers signature advice, there’s plenty to be learned as Briana Haynie helps you turn your role model into a mentor, and Lily Fryburg gives some tips on impressing a man on a date.

photo 3

And how could we neglect to mention David Luna’s interview with Whose Line Is It Anyway? star, Brad Sherwood. It’s a fascinating interview about life, comedy, and bringing Improv to the mainstream. Plus, it’s the ONLY magazine where you’ll find a picture of Brad Sherwood riding in his rocket chariot being pulled by his Rottweilers in hellhound form in space.

The Annual #9 is available now and can be purchased for the cheap cheap price of $4! So order your copy today!

Contributing Writers/Artists:

Parker Benbow | Kevin Cole | Nicolas Contreras | Lily Fryburg | Amber George | Stuart Gunter | Hannah Gutman | Briana Haynie | David Luna | Andrew Michaels | Damon Norko | Emily Perper | Buddy Purucker | Kate Sidley | Cassie Schaeffer | Kelsey Sartory | Steve Younkins

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