Words Of The (Bi)Month

Etymology with Dan Cing

NAZI (noun): Mr. McGregor. Total jerk.

Etymology: First heard when my AP Calculus teacher, Mr. McGregor, moved my seat from right behind Tanya to next to Ronald who always told me I looked like I had a some“pre- cumculus” around my mouth when I was trying to do my logarithms (2011-13).

See also: Whoever told my mom I had ONE(!!!) Mike’s Hard Lemonade at Jackson’s; Darren for truth or daring me into streaking around Tanya’s trailer when he promised to do it too, only to totally fucking lie and embarrass the shit out of me. Also, Adolf Hitler.

PROM DATE (noun): Basically the only thing I’ve ever wanted in life. Would’ve been pretty fucking great to actually have one.

Etymology: First heard when I actually bought a ticket for you to go with me, Tanya. And then I saw you at TGI Fridays sharing a sampler with Darren (April 4, 2013).

Definitely do NOT see also: people who keep their promises; maybe I’ll actually get to touch a girl for once; am I really going to jerk off again? 

RIM JOB (verb, I think?): I don’t really know, actually.

Etymology: Can someone email me and let me know what this is? My stepdad always checks my Google search history and I still haven’t heard the end of it since I looked up ‘fisting’ after Darren told me it’s just what the popular kids call fist bumps.

See also: Please send me the meaning to OutbackSteakhouseRox@hotmail.com. Or use my secret AIM screename, CinginInTheRain. Also, let me know why Ronald tells me I probably love Santorum all around my mouth. Isn’t he some politician?

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