Nico’s Drink of the Month!

In the last issue of The Annual I penned an open letter detailing my newfound sobriety. Now, nearly two months later, I realize you all must be pretty thirsty. So, rest assured, free from confines of alcoholism Nico’s Drink of the Month is very much alive!


1 Part H

2 Parts Two Oh!


And now, as is customary of any good bartender, a story:

After giving up alcohol I have given into most illicit substances. One night last January, I was sitting on the sofa in front of a freshly paused round of Call of Duty and coming down from a hearty bong rip. I coughed. I coughed again. I coughed for about a minute. This was some good shit, but it left my throat dry and irritated. I got up, drank a glass of water and returned to my game. It was a good night.

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