Links & Longreads: It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I shared the sharpest essays in the humor writing biz. I’m sorry. I lost sight of what was important.

1. Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour: Am I never not on a Tig kick? (That’s Tig Notaro, for the uninitiated, the deprived, the depraved). Here’s a brief exclusive interview Tig did about her current stand-up tour. I know what you’re thinking: DID YOU MEET TIG WHEN YOU SAW HER AT THE BENTZEN BALL IN WASHINGTON, D.C. AT THE LINCOLN THEATRE? Yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah, it was transcendental. Yeah, the poster she signed for me is what I would save if my house were on fire.

2. Sense of Humor Changes With Age: Duh, but why? Why doesn’t Mom-maw like Michael Scott?

3. Scientists Sneak Bob Dylan Lyrics Into Articles as Part of Long-Running Bet.

4. “Try showing off your sexy body. Bend your elbow so the crease looks like a butt. He’ll love it! You should always assume that all men want to potentially have sex with you. If this makes a guy uncomfortable, then, LMAO, PRUDE!!!!!!! *high fives everyone on our Fantasy Football league*” – The Official Rookie Guide to Female Pickup Artistry

5. ‘Twilight’ to be Revived as Short Films on Facebook: I feel like this headline raises more questions than it answers.

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