Last Hurrah – 23 Forgetting Auld Lang Syne (AKA The Drunk Show)


Episode 23 of The Last Hurrah is now live! Click here to listen via iTunes.

Inspired by this tweet sent out from Giovanni Kavota: “All I want to do is share a beer with an old friend, tell him why I’m sad, and talk about how we’re going to change the world.”

This weekend panelists Kevin Cole, Giovanni Kavota, and Christine McQuaid drunkenly attempted to solve the world’s problems. Joined Sober Moderator DC Cathro, a lifelong non-drunkard, the three alcoholics were fed questions ranging from In exactly 13 words, no more no less, explain what Fracking is” to “Why do hurricanes keep happening?” and were charged with answering them for the betterment of mankind, womenkind, allkind really. What better way to ring in the new year than to listen to some comics stumble through life with the same (maybe less) degree of toxicity that you showed on New Years.


Join us for more this Sunday at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre! (31 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD)

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