We’re coming back!

Hello 2015,

It’s been a few weeks, far too long since anything’s gone up on the site. For a while most things at The Annual seem to have stalled out, with the exception of The Last Hurrah. Here’s an honest catch-up as to what’s been going on:

By the end of November we realized we were rather light on content for our December issue, so we made the decision to try something new: a free-digital-holiday issue, our gift to readers on the web and in print. Unfortunately, as December rolled in, the project got moved to the back-burner as I (Kevin Cole, Editor-In-Chief) became wildly over committed, stage managing a christmas show, running The Last Hurrah, and moving into a new apartment. All this culminated in getting nothing done for the magazine. Now we’re in the middle of January, settled in to a new life, a new apartment in Frederick. I have found (so it seems) a system to living, working and producing content. Most evident in the change is The Last Hurrah, being closer to Frederick has put us closer to our regular panelists which in turn has enabled us to further develop the show and host weekly writers nights.

As previously stated (Issue 11) The Annual will be shifting to quarterly release schedule this year with new print issues being released in March, June, September and December. As for that free digital issue? That’ll be out next week! And regarding the rest of 2015, we’re exploring means of digital distribution and planning to strengthen our web presence. So while we may have been off the grid for a while, we’re back and ready to work.

Happy National Pie Day, abort one in honor of the Roe V. Wade anniversary,

-Kevin Cole


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