I Thought I Wrote A Real Headline But It Only Met Upworthy’s Standards

Kevin Cole

Many of us are familiar with Upworthy, the godforsaken venue that provides uplifting videos, pictures and GIF sets shared all over Facebook by everyone you could ever hope to never casually run into again. Here is a list of classic Upworthy headlines. Don’t worry about what lies beyond the clicks—they’re self-explanatory.

  • I Thought I was Watching One Thing But It Turned Out To Be Something Completely Different
  • This Made Me Sad But The Reason Why Will Surprise You
  • I Never Believed in Justifiable Murder, But This Story Changed My Mind
  • Just When I Thought There Was No God, This Video Changed Everything
  • Here’s A Picture Followed By Another Picture But What Comes Third Will Really Knock Your Socks Off
  • OK, This Headline Seems Racist But Here’s A Video That Explains What I Really Mean
  • No One Knows Who Made This Kid The President But His Views Will Delight You
  • Racial Bias Doesn’t Get Much Clearer Than This Picture That Actually Uses Words To Get Its Meaning Across
  • Do You Know Your Expiration Date? I Do, And Now I Just Sit Around Waiting For The Cold Sting Of Death
  • The One GIF That Finally Sums Up The Meaning Of Life You Thought College Was Hard But The Plight Of This Homeless Man Will Change Your Mind
  • This Celebrity Understands Life Is Hard For Everyone And Will Gladly Talk To You About It
  • We Couldn’t Embed The Original Video We Wanted To Show You So We Made A Bunch Of GIFs Featuring Our Favorite Parts
  • He Smoked Candy Cigarettes For A Year But It’s What He Says About E-Cigs That Will Change Your Life Forever

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