General Manager “Just Joking” in Sexual Emails

STRAFFORD, PA – It’s just business as usual, that’s the attitude circulating the office following the latest email from Langley Insurance General Manager Mark Huntsman. Sent at approximately 11:38am EST, the email in question read:

Attention Interns,

Those hoping to further their career will be happy to learn that there is a full time position opening within the company. All interested parties are encouraged to apply on my penis.

Few are concerned about how the email will affect the three interns on staff. Travis, the only male intern, thought it was pretty funny, as did the majority of full time employees.

“He’s just having a little fun.” Remarked Ben Kipp from Sales. “Mark’s trying to lift everyone’s spirits, Tuesdays can be a real drag so it’s nice to have laugh.”

When we reached out to Mr. Huntsman for comment he told us that he was “just joking” noting that he sent the email out to the entire office staff, including Human Resources, none of whom had launched a complaint. “It’s just my sense of humor, no one would read that email and think I was seriously trying to get some high school poon! Those interns are barely eighteen.”

Others were oddly defensive of the email, stating that anyone who may be offended should “lighten up” and “maybe not be so uptight.” Some even went so far as to note Huntsman’s history of sending humorous emails during the work day. “He just likes to make people laugh, it’s not like he would use his position of power to take advantage of anyone here,” said Fred Beard from accounting. “Every Friday he offers to take us out for beers, he wrote for his college comedy newsletter. That’s just who he is, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Meanwhile, Rachel, an intern who turned 18 two weeks ago, is currently considering whether she could balance the full time position with her school work. Mr. Huntsman is really hoping she applies.

Kevin Cole


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