Selena Gomez Shocks with Tasteless Costume

It seems the stars of Spring Breakers can’t stay out of trouble. Days after Ashley Benson came under fire for posing in a Cecil the Lion costume, Selena Gomez is facing backlash for sporting a costume in equally poor taste.

Gomez Elephant

Over the weekend, Selena was spotted attending the Nine Eighth Nightclub’s Halloween ball dressed as none other than Topsy the Elephant.  Gomez boogied the night away but it wasn’t until the following morning when the internet went wild that she realized what she had done.

Topsy was a beloved american circus elephant until 1903 when Thomas Edison had her executed as a means of demonstrating the murderous power of Alternating Current. At the time, Edison received three pieces of hate mail and five brutal reviews of the film Electrocuting an Elephant. It was the internet-backlash of the early 20th century.

Selena has since apologized for the outfit saying:

I now realize that my outfit was in very poor taste. It is never okay to desecrate the memory of dead animal. Topsy was an elephant, not a costume. I’d like to extend my deepest apologies to Topsy’s descendants whom I never intended to offend. In many ways Topsy was an entertainer before her untimely death and I feel a great connection to Topsy, I never meant to conjure up the image of her electrocuted body out on the dance floor. I take full responsibility and promise to be more careful in picking my next halloween outfit.

Selena’s newest album was released on October 9th. After making the statement, Gomez retired to her Hollywood home where she is said to be “tickling the ivories” on her next single.

Kevin Cole

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