This week on The Last Hurrah (11/10)

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

 60 – Doodle Crust

On this week’s Last Hurrah we kick back without a plan and find out how Kevin’s Dad became the Cheez Doodle King. Then, Kevin, Christine, Isabel and Lisa discuss naked partiers, family-friendly haunted houses and the UFO Welcome Center.

Lisa Burl
Isabel Duarte
Christine McQuaid

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Last Hurrah Square

Then, swing by the Maryland Ensemble Theatre for…


Well, actually swing by the MET this week for the closing weekend of Lies and/or Frankenstein.  Contradictory to what is said in the last few seconds of this week’s episode there will be no Last Hurrah this Sunday. We’ll return with our Thanksgiving special on Nov 22nd!

The fun starts this Sunday at 7pm!

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