There are about 5 hours remaining on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter and if you’re one of the few who haven’t taken the time to donate I highly suggest you do.

Before I developed the ability to form concrete memories, my dad and I would watch MST3K, more accurately, my dad would watch it and I would babble on the floor, probably stacking blocks or whatever fad was big at the time. Once middle school rolled around the SciFi Channel (currently known as Syfy for some reason) was airing reruns on Saturday mornings. I immediately recognized Tom Servo and Crow, my underdeveloped baby-mind had managed to store away the robots from the interstitial scenes, though the movies were lost on me. At this point in life I simultaneously hit puberty and graduated from Saturday morning cartoons to Saturday morning movie riffing. Every week I was out of bed and in front of the TV by ten, sometimes getting up early enough catch the tail end of whatever work-out infomercial had bought time on the station. I read about how to build the robot puppets on the mst3k website, I dreamed about writing in to join the MST3K fan club as advertised in a graphic that often popped up in the corner of episodes. I assumed this now led an empty P.O. Box with a new owner because I understood the concept of reruns. This story lacks a real ending, like any cheesy movie, it just drags on until Scifi stops airing the show.

Tonight, the #BringBackMST3K Kickstarter campaign comes to a close and will likely reach their goal to fully fund 12 episodes and a Christmas special. This website wouldn’t exist without kickstarter so as always, I encourage you to go donate and help bring MST3K to a new generation of weird kids. You can donate by clicking here and then at 5pm PST there will be a live Telethon from the Nerdmelt Theatre to wrap up the campaign, so why not make an evening of it?IMG_2654

Kevin Cole

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