The Greatest SERIAL Recap: DUSTWUN

I never suspected that SERIAL, perhaps the most important podcast ever created, would launch its second season before the end of 2015. And yet here we are, staring down the barrel of a new story from Sarah Koenig. My one hope is that SERIAL season two wouldn’t be as big a disappointment as season two of  True Detective, or season six of How I Met Your Mother or the nineteenth season of Law & Order. Prior to leaving for work I downloaded the new episode and hopped in the car.

Right off the bat it’s apparent things are going to be different. Mail Chimp is no longer a sponsor. Gone are the days of a child who failed to pronounce a one syllable word, now we are faced with a well spoken Englishman. It’s not as cute but I guess it’s okay. This season is about the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl, a story that made national headlines so many of you are likely aware of the surrounding controversy. Was Bergdahl kidnapped? Was he a deserter? That’s this season on Serial.

The theme song is a little different this time around, oh and Donald Trump’s in it because we can’t escape that guy. This episode covers the basic information we already know, but here’s the twist: Bergdahl, who didn’t speak to the press upon his return to the states, has been speaking exclusively to the screenwriter behind Zero Dark Thirty and now Sarah Koenig’s on the case.

Oh JESUS CHRIST! Did you see that? That asshole cut me off! It looks like he has West Virginia plates…”Hey, you bum hick! Get back on the tractor and off the roads!” I shout at him.

Wait, is Sarah Koenig working on a movie about Bowe Bergdahl? No, just partnering with the filmmakers, got it.

Okay, what is this guy doing? You can’t drive the speed limit in the fast lane. What a freakin’ boob! I check my blindspot and there’s an opening. Foot on the pedal, I’m passing to the left.

Through her connection, Koenig will be interviewing Bowe Bergdahl this season, not just broadcasting clips from the filmmaker’s interview, which is good because his audio quality is very “taped off a –”

Cell phone! God, don’t people realize it’s illegal to talk on a cell while driving in this state. Where’s a cop when you need them. I merge back into the right lane and flip off the other driver wishing someone would get him a damn hands-free device.

And then Bergdahl is kidnapped. But get this, Koenig’s going to interview The Taliban in the next episode!? That’s incredible. I guess you can just call up The Taliban? Why doesn’t the government do that? We’re only an episode in and season two of SERIAL is off to a really strong start, can’t wait for the next one.

Kevin Cole

2 thoughts on “The Greatest SERIAL Recap: DUSTWUN”

  1. Gaaah. I’m NOT starting this thing until its over and I can mainline it in a weekend. Because this… waiting thing is too hard for me now. I have fully embraced the Netflix age. Never watch/listen to one when a season can just swallow your entire weekend. 😉

  2. The case she did in the first season was very unique. You could look at the evidence and wonder if the guy did it then look at it again and be sure he did it…this one will be interesting too though I think Bergdahl’s most likely coming up with a story to save his butt.

    She’s a great storyteller and its a great podcast.

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