The Last Hurrah [Finally, Actually] Returns 1/31

This week on The Last Hurrah…

We return from an (unintentional) three week break and we’re bringing the heat! The Last Hurrah’s Comedy Meltdown is set to arrive at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre following snow storm Jonas, so once cabin fever has set in and you’re looking for some comedy to warm your heart, we’ll have everything you need! Not only will we harness the power of the sun gods to melt the snow, but we’ll provide our own emotional meltdowns for you to delight in!

Sure, the above seems like a copy and paste of last week’s post, edited to say “Three weeks” and you’re right, it is. We never intended for this hiatus to happen, a black out, a planned trip to the beach, the snow storm of the century, who could’ve seen two outta three of those coming? So we’re finally back and we’re bringing a back log of fun with Isabel Duarte and Lydia Hadfield plus it’s the last Sunday of the month, so open mic rules apply. If you want to perform, be at the MET five minutes before the show starts and speak to Kevin-we’ll work you in!

The fun starts this Sunday 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre


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