Bernie’s Campfire – A Trip to the White House

In this week’s campfire address, Senator Bernie Sanders details his recent meeting with President Obama at the White House. Bernie spent a few minutes in the room where it happens and now you can learn all about it.

Please send any questions you have for Senator Sanders to or tweet @SandersCampfire.

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My good friends, pull up a log, I’d like to speak with you for a few minutes about my recent visit to the white house. Now, I have served in both the house and the senate for over 25 years and in all this time, I had never been invited to the white house. Both the Bush and the Clinton administrations were always too concerned about the very real possibility of a socialist in the white house – as if FDR never existed. We gather around the fire today to announce that as recently as yesterday, there. has. been. a socialist. in the white house!


President Obama and I had what I would call a very productive meeting. I had reached out a few weeks ago and said “I’d like to see what the house looks like, and if I could get security clearance for a representative from the interior decorators union, that would be swell.” And through executive action this request became a reality.


Over the course of our grand tour, we got a lot accomplished. You will all be very pleased to hear from a candidate not bought out by special interests in Hollywood that the oval office is in fact an oval. Many had presumed this to be a work of fiction, even rapper B.o.B wrote an in depth think piece about how the Oval Office may be rectangular. Rest assured, Julio (the interior decorator rep) is currently looking into purchasing curved picture frames for the walls.


I got to visit the Lincoln bedroom, I confirmed that it would be possible to have a tempur-pedic mattress installed. I spoke to the white house chef to confirm that those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs could be added to the menu. I walked passed the Situation Room and while I was not allowed entry, Julio and I could peak in enough to see what it would take have it remodeled to look like the War Room from Dr. Strangelove. Of course, under a Sanders Administration we would not need War Room, so it only makes sense that it be refitted in an homage to a film about the dangers of war.
As I said we got a lot accomplished, but none of these plans can come to fruition without those of you in Iowa, so get ready to feel the Bern!

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