This week on The Last Hurrah (2/2)

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

68 – The Big Meltdown

This week on The Last Hurrah, we return from an unintentional three week hiatus! Learn about what happened in that missing span of time, Kevin’s most recent experience with calzones, what happens when you give kids helium and tips for surviving a blizzard from Raw Van Sprinkle, author of the “Keep this Book in the Fridge: The Ultimate Blizzard Survival Guide.”
Isabel Duarte
Lydia Hadfield
Julia Williams

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on FRIDAY Feb 5th for a brand new adventure!

We’re smart enough to know not to do a show this Sunday, the super bowl is basically the super bowl of people staying home and watching TV. So we’ll be bringing our free show to the MET this Friday night after the Comedy Pig’s newest sketch show! We’ll take a stab at Tindr-Live, some degree of sports-talk and much much more!


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