Bernie’s Campfire – Victory in NH

This week, Bernie addresses the campfire crowd to congratulate them on a victory in New Hampshire and explain just what that means for the campaign.

Please send any questions you have for Senator Sanders to or tweet @SandersCampfire.

Click here to hear past addresses.


My good friends, pull up a log, I’d like to congratulate each and every one of you for our recent victory in New Hampshire! We the people, went out to the polls and took an important step in sending a message wall street, to washington and most importantly to the media that this nation is ready for its first democratic-socialist-jewish president. There are a lot of first time benefits to this presidency, and while I may look a lot like the presidents of years past, I assure you, that I am ready to present an effective presidency, the likes of which have not been seen since JFK and FDR. However, unlike them, I do not have a middle name, something very uncommon within my own lifetime, which assure you is not as big a span as some may think. The lack of middle name, does put me in the same league as one of our greatest presidents: Abraham Lincoln, let that sink in while I get back on track with my original message…
Perhaps now that I have won an actual presidential-primary election, I will be seen as electable but not as despicable as Ted Cruz, or at the very least Marco Rubio. What happened in New Hampshire goes to show what we are capable of when everyone sharing political memes gets out and votes and if those of you who support me, continue to go out and vote in your own states… then I think we can win this thing. We have a good honest to god shot. I’d love to chat with you all some more, but we record this on Wednesdays and I have run to a taping of the Colbert Show and then yahoo search with primary state to head to next.

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