Aren’t We All Being Poisoned? – Gov. Rick Snyder

For the past month, things have been awfully tense here in Michigan. As Governor, I understand the frustration those of you in Flint have been feeling. Things have certainly been less than good. There’s been a lot of finger pointing, often in the wrong direction, namely my own. After all, aren’t we all being poisoned in some way or another?

Holding an elected position carries a lot of responsibilities and this so-called “water crisis” has only added more to my plate. To be entirely honest with you all, I feel as if I’m burning the candle at both ends. Recently, my therapist has been reminding me that stress kills and I can’t help but feel that pressure from outside politicians as well as my own constituents have been slowly poisoning me. With this in mind, I would like to remind the people of Flint that they are not alone.

Flint has been poisoned. I have been poisoned. And what people seem to forget is that our entire nation has been poisoned. We’re all dying slowly as a result of second hand smoke, undercooked meat, stess, trans-fats, and environmental issues which I have conveniently ignored prior to this moment. The problem has expanded far beyond Flint and has become a national epidemic, actively being ignored by federal authorities.

As this is clearly a federal issue, I, the governor of Michigan, can no longer be held accountable for the Flint Water Crisis. This will be my last statement on the issue until the EPA steps up to the plate to provide me with a healthier work environment.

Gov. Rick Snyder

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