This Week on The Last Hurrah: Julia Williams, Birdie Suspenders and the impending return of Christine McQuaid

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

71 – Swearing Off Salami, Bad Advice and an Exclusive Interview with Birdie Suspenders 

Julia Williams takes to the stage this week as guest host of The Last Hurrah, fittingly her last hurrah before skipping town forever(?) She discusses all the dumb advice she’s been given before starting the next phase of her life. Julia’s joined by Lia Seltzer, Lydia Hadfield and presidential candidate for the Green Party Birdie Suspenders.

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday March 20th for a brand new adventure!

The guest hosts keep coming, this time your best friend returns, all the way from Rochester, it’s… Christine McQuaid! She’s got a hell of a show lined up and plenty of stories from the north. It’s spring break baby!


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