REAL LIFE MIRACLE! Mother Teresa Lives On In Statue

This week it became official, Mother Teresa will become a canonized saint! Pope Francis carefully confirmed her final miracle during his last visit to the states and it’s the miracle that keeps on miracling.

In the heart of the Baltimore Basilica sits a statue of Mother Teresa, but how it got there is the real story. “I had picked up a bag of office supplies on my way into work and set them on my side table,” tells Father Abramson. “I had a 10:15 shift in the confessional, so I left the supplies in the office and went in to do my priestly duties. When I returned around noon the supplies had disappeared and in there place was this statue of Mother Teresa! I didn’t know this at the time but it September 5, 1997, the very day she passed.”

Abramson gave the statue a prominent space in the basilica for all to pay their respects and that’s when strange events started to occur. “We heard noises coming from within the statue, at first we assumed it Father Abramson’s lost office supplies settling into place, but then we heard the prayers.” Remembers Sister Mary-Catherine, the token Mary-Catherine of the church. The Statue was X-Rayed by a team of scientists, the first to enter the church since the earth was proven to be revolve around the sun.

Mother Teresa2

Within the statue was a scale replica of the I Dream of Jeannie set and Mother Teresa herself. In her passing, it seems that she had rematerialized, smaller and more powerful than ever before, but her power is contained within this mystical bust of the future saint.

The miracle does not cease with miniature resurrection. Many have reported good fortune has smiled upon them after waving their hands between the Saint and the small child in the statue.

By breaking her eye contact the benefits of Mother Teresa’s charitable work are placed upon whomever she now gazes. As an unfortunate downside, one almost considered by Pope Francis to be an anti-miracle, when Mother Teresa is not gazing upon the child in the statue, a random child in the world spends their life in suffering and pain.

Before leaving the states, Pope Francis waved his holy hand in front of the future saint and shouted [in latin] “By jove! I think she’s got it! A true miracle machine! May we both live forever!” and with the Mother’s help, he may just do that.

Kevin Cole

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