5 Easter Egg Designs You Can Use To Come Out To Your Parents

The Easter holiday can be a rough time to return home. It bares all the family-get-togethers that come with Thanksgiving but it plays host to even more bizarre traditions. Luckily, we have designed a way to use these traditions to your advantage and open up about who you really are…

Rainbow Egg1. Classic Rainbow

The rainbow is a perfectly colorful design for a perfectly colorful holiday. While a symbol of LGBTQ Rights, it also blends in perfectly with any other egg your family members may have designed. This enables you the freedom to tell your parents about how gay you are, while not saying a word to your homophobic aunt.

Fabrege Egg

2. Faberge Egg

The bedazzled, antique design of a Faberge Egg is something that is sure to tell you parents to handle with care. You’re proud of who you are and are ready to be as flashy as you want to be, but you’re still delicate and mom and dad need to handle this the right way. Otherwise, you may be forced to flee home for Russia (a country that’s notably anti-LGBTQ, but it can’t be as bad as this house)!


3. The “Go Ahead, Break Your Mother’s Heart” Egg

The design packs the least amount of work but twice the emotional punch. By taking this route, you’re also admitting that it’s time to be open about converting to atheism. “Oh, well I guess you won’t need any Jellybeans this year either!” One parent may shout and as the other asks how you “went astray” simply respond “College.”

Rabbits Egg

4. Bunny Love

“What’s the cute pink blob?” your grandmother will likely ask, opening the door for a biology lesson. Explain to her that it’s actually two cute bunnies making their own Easter Eggs, except that it would impossible – not because bunnies don’t make eggs, but because these particular bunnies are both male.

Cameron Eggposito

5. The Cameron Eggsposito

You don’t have to be Rhea Butcher to love Cameron Esposito, but we couldn’t think of a better way to tell your parents that you love other women. Not even they can resist the allure of a nice vest and a stylish side mullet.

Kevin Cole

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