This Week on The Last Hurrah: OedipusTALX and The Return of The Ha-Has!

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

74 – OedipusTALX

Kevin Cole and Thom Huenger return to the show to explain their month long absence… working on/creating the MET’s newest original show: OedipusROX! Written by Sarah Shulman and composed by Thom Huenger, OedipusROX is a rock and roll musical based around the classic greek tragedy. Kevin discusses the show with Thom as well as Music Director Robert Martin and Eric Jones (Creon). Everything goes well until the last 10 minutes when the show spirals into a discussion about Star Wars… whoops!

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Then join us at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre for more fun on Sunday at 7pm!

Kevin Cole and one-man-band-leader Thom Huenger take back Stage 2 to bring the laughs. We’ll be honest, we haven’t booked this episode yet, we haven’t even begun to talk about it, we’re still catching our breaths – but we promise a show a jam packed with chuckles and maybe even the occasional giggle.


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