WZBJ’s April Pollen Report

The following is are select excerpts from WZBJ’s morning weather forecast:

April 1

Alright folks, here’s your twenty-four hour pollen report. As you can see, those with tree allergies may want to stay indoors today especially those with poplar and elm allergies. Only moderate pollen counts for weeds, but certainly nothing to worry about.

April 4

In today’s pollen report, those with weed allergies will want to stay indoors as pollen counts are surprisingly high, definitely a break from this week’s trend. You never know where or when a new batch will pop up, play it safe and stay indoors. Tree allergies are generally low.

April 7

Certainly not a day to avoid the outdoors, and with these temperatures how could you not? Following almost a week of high pollen counts, weeds seem to have leveled off overnight with moderate readings across the board.

April 9

Those with elm allergies will want to get out enjoy the fresh air with poplar counts presenting the only real trouble area with moderate to high counts. Weed allergens are certainly heading downward today, potentially reaching lows by the end of the week.

April 11

Poplar and elm allergens peaking at moderate levels todays, as predicted, weed counts are at a low. Those with weed allergies would be wise to get some fresh air today, particularly in the Northwood Park area around 2:30 this afternoon where levels are expected to be at their lowest.

April 12

Continued good news for those with weed allergies as pollen counts remain relatively low, enjoy it while you can as forecasters are expecting levels to pick up over the next twenty-four hours.

April 13

For a third day in a row, weed reports remain unusually low, one would think we were suddenly living in a desert with no form of plant life to be found. That’s right, you couldn’t find weeds in this town if you wanted to, even when searching the normal hiding places there’s not a spec of pollen.

April 14

An incredible turn around today, as those with weed allergies will want to avoid any contact with the outside world. That’s right, pollen reports are at an all time high! Meanwhile, elm and poplar remain at low to moderate readings.

On the morning of April 15th WZBJ’s chief Meteorologist was arrested on drug related charges, the station’s news director had no comment on the issue.

Kevin Cole

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