From Fears to Funds: How to Make a Killing Off a Killing by George Zimmerman

Here at The Annual we regularly turn down offers from publishers desperate for attention. When the print industry comes a knocking, odds are our response is “been there, failed at that.” But when we were given the opportunity to publish an advanced excerpt from George Zimmerman’s book we knew this was a man who needed no cash-in. To turn down America’s foremost entrepreneur is to turn down the obvious grab for attention that comes with uttering his name. Printed with permission from Hardly Perennials  Inc, is an incredible excerpt from George Zimmerman’s Fears to Funds: How To Make a Killing Off a Killing.

Fears Cover

Preface: Only in America

The beast lay below me, slain. “What have I done?” I thought for a fleeting moment before the answer came to me like the shots I had just fired; quick and unrelenting. I had created a world of opportunity for myself. Once a neighborhood watchman, I would soon rise to prominence as a national hero, the man who saved an entire community, if not an entire country. Would I be given parades? A national holiday? Obviously things heven’t panned out that way, but the situation did afford me the chance to make a name for myself and start a whole new career.

The trick to becoming a Zimmerman-success story is to look for opportunity in the tragedy that surrounds you. I found it on that fateful and historic evening. In my hands rest Little Sherrie, a no-name pistol I purchased from Big Jim’s Gun Emporium in Sarasota. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Little Sherrie would soon go from Exhibit B to American history. Not everyone will see it as “American history” but that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, you get to decide the significance of your product.

As I waited for the police to arrive (not that they were needed at that point, let’s face it, I was the police) I looked around for my next muse. There on the ground lay a bag of Skittles, passing the time, I considered the inevitable endorsement. It would be a Skittles ad like no other. An epic car chase across the mean streets of a dark and gritty city, the thug in front crashes his car into a dumpster but is alive. He opens the door and limps out, when I pull up beside him, exit my Mustang and hold up a prop replica of Little Sherrie, “taste the rainbow, punk.” I exclaim while firing 5 delicious flavors into his head.

The fantasy ends as the police roll up and we begin to take account of the incident, we’re on a street that will be inevitably called “George Zimmerman Way” in a neighborhood soon to be “The Zimmerman Luxury Gated Community.” The responding officers and I had a pleasant interaction, we were colleagues after all, equals on the force. I wish I could take a moment to paint the scene, really immortalize it for the Smithsonian.

In this book, I’ll teach you how to exploit age old loopholes and turn fear into the greatest strength you have. Methods that have been replicated with great success by Darren Wilson, the Cleveland Police Department and so many others. Once you know how to get away with a crime using fear as your sole defense, you’ll learn just how profitable these life-changing events can become.

George Zimmerman

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