Sorry Blake Lively, But That Is NOT An Oakland Booty

Blake Lively and her primo-tuccus recently came under fire when she posted the following photo to instagram:


While the power of Lively’s booty is undeniable, it is far from an “Oakland Booty.” In all my time as a cartographer, I have never seen such a gross miscalculation. Even if you were to take into account the obvious butthole that the town Piedmont provides, there is absolutely no resemblance.

In my time studying the southern territories, I have found a location that is undoubtably Blake Lively’s posterior doppelgänger… Australia.

Austraian Booty

With a slight rotation less than 10 degrees to the left, Australia aligns perfectly with Lively’s hips. The territory provides the perfect lift and compliments the small of her back. Truly, Lively’s butt is an international incident, so before she blindly compares it to city with no resemblance she better walk those Sweden-like thighs to a map store.

Kevin Cole

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