Kim Jong Un Spends Weekend Smoking Entire Pack Of Cigarettes To Illustrate Dangers

On Friday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was caught smoking in the middle of a national anti-smoking campaign. Outed by photograph from the country’s state media, Un could be seen with a lit cigarette in hand.

Political analysts expected Kim Jong Un to deflect the blame in this instance, claiming he was holding for a friend or that he liked to keep one lit in memory of his late father Kim Jong Il. Others expected the lit cigarette would be explained to the people of North Korean as mini-missile capable of reaching the United States with a well aimed flick. Un’s next move was a powerplay that would rock the nation…

“To make you all understand how bad smoking is, I will smoke entire pack of cigarettes!” he announced before a throng of people in Pyongyang. Making his exit, Un opened a fresh pack North Korean Kapows, put on some shades and lit a fresh cigarette. “When you next see me, this pack will be empty.”

Many citizens have applauded the move, “he never looked so cool” remarked Su Park-li. “Our dear leader is so brave,” another stated “to smoke a whole pack of those cigarettes? If he survives he will truly be immortal!” Clearly the anti-smoking propaganda was working.

Over the weekend, Kim Jong Un leisurely finished the twenty cigarettes left the pack. At a rate of ten per day, he could be seen enjoying each drag, becoming less tense as he blew smoke into the air. State run publications were quick run photos of billowing smoke stacks as they declared “Leader Defends Against Cigarette Menace!”

On Monday morning he emerged from the self-inflicted punishment to purchase a fresh pack of smokes. The photographer responsible for the inciting incident has not been seen for three days.

Kevin Cole

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un Spends Weekend Smoking Entire Pack Of Cigarettes To Illustrate Dangers”

  1. Look at how admirable he is. Supreme Leader is willing to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, to SUFFER for the Korean people in order to show them the ERROR of their ways! Look upon him as an inspiration, ye morally bankrupt citizens of the Western world!

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