Editor’s Note

Hey folks,

Posts may be a little sporadic over the next two weeks. Things at The Annual have ranged from a 1-4 person job and lately it’s been fallen mostly on me. I need to take a little time to hone in on some side projects that need definite tending before the summer’s over and some projects that will eventually be produced under The Annual. To give these projects the attention they deserve, we won’t be posting much over the next two weeks, returning to our regular schedule on August 1st!

“But Kevin, what about the RNC/DNC?” Listen, I feel you, there couldn’t be a more important time for comedians to call attention to Melania Trump. We’ll likely chime in from time to time, but I can’t guarantee daily posts, at least not anything written by me. That said, if the spirit moves you and you feel compelled to write something and perhaps become a contributor to this fair humor-magazine-turned-website, send your material to Mailbag@TheAnnualOnline.com with the word SUBMISSION somewhere in the subject line and we’ll get back to you with all the info you need.

Thanks for putting up with us,
Kevin Cole


We will be extending the hiatus for one extra week, seems that some of the things planned for this time off are taking longer than expected, we will return on August 8th.

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