Disney World Secrets: Preserving Walt Disney

Prior to his passing, famed cartoonist and theme park magnate Walt Disney had his body cryogenically frozen–or so the legend goes. Depending on who you ask, those who believe the story will either tell you that his body is kept safe in the tunnels beneath Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL,  or locked away in the Disney Vault with the remaining copies of “Song of the South.” Only Walt’s dead brother knows for sure, and few have been able to perform the occult ritual necessary to summon his spirit in the ballroom of the Haunted Mansion. Those who were successful reportedly asked the wrong questions and were promptly escorted off the premises by Disney World cast members.

However, there is a new theory regarding the whereabouts of Walt. If true, it could completely change the way we view one of Magic Kingdom’s most popular rides. The new story maintains Walt pursued self-preservation before his death–just not cryogenically. When Walt died in 1966, Cryogenic Freezing was just a blip on the radar of sci-fi writers, virtually non-existent for a mere cartoonist. What, then, was popular?


Honey never spoils. It simply doesn’t go bad. It is perhaps the most pure substance on this planet. When archeologists discovered King Tut’s tomb they found an ancient jar of honey… and they ate it! They put it in their tea, on their toast and mixed it into their oatmeal. Two days later, they were dead. Of course, they died from an ancient curse brought about by disturbing the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh; the presence of 3,000-year-old honey was merely a coincidence. C’est la vie!

Upon realizing that his death was inevitable, Walt Disney submersed himself in a giant vat of honey. He believed that the pure substance would protect his body, as he drifted into a honey-coma. Safely preserved in the golden goo, Walt’s body lies in wait within The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. Could it be that Pooh’s relentless quest for honey is in actuality an attempt to free the man who brought Disney World to life? Ride operators say yes!

As honey bees continue to disappear, the fresh flow of honey throughout the ride has begun to diminish. Employees able to freely roam around the space can spot Walt Disney’s petrified, mustachioed face towards the end of ride, hidden beneath the tree where Pooh gleefully fills his tummy with “Hunny.”

Kevin Cole

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