We Promise Not To Go Down Until We Uncover The World’s Greatest Sex Scandal

Yesterday an internet giant fell as we collectively gave GAWKER a fond farewell. Of course, this really depends on where you stood in relation to GAWKER: if they outed you or published your sex tape, maybe it wasn’t such a fond farewell. For the rest of us, we stood in silent respect as the site went out with a literal bang.

Here at The Annual we promise to deliver our own demise in the same manner as GAWKER, to uncover a sex scandal so big that it shuts down our own site. Seriously, we are dedicated to bringing laughs, biting satire and interviews with up and coming comedic forces to our readers. High-profile sex is the furthest thing from our radar, when celebrity Ps land in celebrity Vs (or other Ps) it’s our policy to stay out of their business. But what should happen if that scandal makes its way over to our radar? That’s when we unleash the play by plays, the safe for work editions, the street corner bootlegs, the virtual reality recreations. We will light that flare in one final attempt to make a name for ourselves and we will go out with it.

It’s the internet-publishers oath that all things shan’t be unseen and while some of our material may be an exception to this rule, the sex scandal that shutters our shop will not. We have no intention of closing down the site anytime soon, but trust that when we do it will be because millions cannot unsee Brad Pitt’s triple butthole or Judd Apatow in a compromising position with Paul Rudd in a bear suit (à la The Shining).

Kevin Cole

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