FALL FASHION: Black is Back!

This fall fashion tip goes out to both men and women, hope you held on to all those black articles of clothing, because fashion forecasts show that it’s about to make a comeback! It may not be a time you’re eager to remember, the heels, the black trench coats, a little too much eyeliner, wallets with chains! But shopping trends seem to indicate that all the entire economy is about to enter a goth phase.

Break out the black lipstick, goth guys and girls, because department stores are stocking up on various degrees of dark decor. Current market analysis shows no sign of this dark-arts inspired trend coming to an end, as most shops have diverted entirely from the cheery Christmas themes that dominate the marketplace this time of year.

It’s currently in vogue to carry around a book of spells and flaunt your pet tarantula. Thanks to an overall industry shift towards dark apparel, you can goth-up without even entering a Hot Topic, all major department stores are carrying the latest fashion. Now’s your chance to break out that skeleton shirt and really look your best!


Kevin Cole

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One thought on “FALL FASHION: Black is Back!”

  1. So true. Black is the one now. It has always had a vintage appeal. Black is totally my color. Good post though. 🙂

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