U ok?

It’s been quite the week. I suppose I ought to start by saying I’m sorry I dreamt this nightmare into reality. When I wrote Great Again over summer, when we read it for an audience on Monday night, I never imagined that it would become a reality. Of course, I’m not just talking about the primary concept of a Trump presidency, but the very real potential that Ben Carson may run the Dept of Health and Human Services, the impending friendship between Putin and President-elect Trump. Just this morning David Luna sent me an article about an eventual revolt from evangelicals. I never thought we’d get as far as Act Two, certainly not this soon.

I stayed up late with Last Hurrah band leader Thom Huenger, Editor-At-Large Emily Perper, and Annual staffer IO Duarte on the night it went down. We watched the results roll in as time slowed down and we steadily went comatose, heads in our phones, refreshing twitter. Eventually we went to bed and before I knew the final results I spent my time between snooze alarms in a fetal position under the covers, praying, more than I had in past 5 years, hoping for a miracle that wouldn’t come. Then I went to work, where we broadcast a speech about the “need for unity” from a man who spent that past two years pledging to deport hispanics and ban muslims. Suddenly, this lunatic had the power and with the power came a sudden forgiveness of the immoral diarrhea that spewed from his pursed orange lips on a daily basis.

I knew I wouldn’t have anything on the site for the next few days. I didn’t know what to say or do. Nothing felt funny.  Some things still don’t. At what point can Great Again be considered a dark comedy rather than just dark?

As the initial shock passed, the motivation began to set in. The defiance. The Huffington Post originally ran an editorial note with all Trump-related articles to remind us that he is a racist sex offender. Once the man became “President-elect” they pulled that note. We’re not here to play that nice. Great Again took the gloves off with Trump as soon as he took the stage, and we’re not going to put on oven-mitts because he’s got a lofty new title.  What we need now is comedy, laughter, some good in this world. We’re going to be working our asses off over the next four years. We’re going to be here for you. New voices, bringing goofball comedy, dark comedy, cutting comedy, honest comedy. We may need to take some time here and there to process things, but this marks a new era for all of us and we at The Annual won’t let you down.

At this point, I’d typically ask you to support our patreon and help us grow, but today I’d much rather you turn your support to the Southern Poverty Law Center who will need as much help as humanly possible now that there’s a KKK-enabler headed straight for the White House.

Peace be with you all. We’ll be back on Monday with some fresh laughs.

Kevin Cole

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