Emergency Broadcast Podcast

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The Emergency Broadcast Podcast

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S2 Ep1

The Emergency Broadcast Podcast has made it’s long awaited return to the airwaves with a brand new half hour format! This episode features survival tips for National Dog Bite Prevention week, kidnappings as well as a special interview regarding “twerking” and an examination of Angelina Jolie’s Breasts!

S2 Ep2

The EBP examines the best survival tips for getting through Memorial Day Weekend, as well as the latest news.

S2 Ep3

The EBP examines the threat of the looming coronavirus as well as discoveries in rubble of Oklahoma Tornado.

Due to the difficulties of writing/running a 30 minute podcast Kevin has retired the EBP for the time being. Not to say it can’t be done, but when you’re the only person doing it, balancing a job, a magazine live shows, what have you, it’s very difficult to fill the time. Should the interest arrive and more writers come on board the show may return.

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