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Ron Funches

If you’ve been following the Annual, and our special interviews of comedians and entertainers, then you are familiar with the usual format. I normally introduce the person I’ve spoken to in high esteem, with glory and majesty. The person I introduce to you now will be no different, and my hopes are that you will fall in love with him, or at least be inclined to find some of his stand up on Youtube. He has illuminated Portland with his mastery in comedy, and is now doing the same in Los Angeles. This man is delightful, and warm, and genuinely kind. He is…


(There are moments in the interview where I note that Ron is giggling or laughing, but in reality, he’s giggling all the time. As you’ll soon learn, he’s exceptionally positive.)

David Luna: What is your earliest memory?

Ron Funches: In life?

DL: Yes, in life.

RF: [Giggles.] Let’s see. I don’t know how old I was, but probably like four or five years old. I had a Rambo helicopter that I liked to play with, because it had a little thing that you could press and it would make the rotator spin. That’s the first thing I remember.

DL: Growing up, who or what made you laugh the most?

RF: Probably my sister and Sinbad.

DL: Can you recall your first time doing stand up?

RF: The first time was at Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland, I did five minutes about man-boobs, and I wore lady’s pantyhose over my stomach, because I read that it was a thing that people with man-boobs would do. It was very not good, but I had fun, and I ate a lot.

DL: Do you have any memorable train wreck sets?

RF: Oh yeah, a bunch [giggles]. I did a show at a nightclub that used to be a bank. That was horrible, people yelling at you and cursing at you during the set. That’s probably the one I remember the most. And they also had a mechanical bull on the side of the stage that you were told not to talk about.

DL: Why weren’t you allowed to talk about it?

RF: Because I guess everybody wanted to talk about it, because it’s a weird thing to have while you’re trying to tell jokes.

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