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Checkin’ in with Interviewees May 2014

Believe it or not, those interviewed by The Annual continue to live their lives and produce new content after being interviewed. Here’s a chance to catch up on some of their current projects/whereabouts.

Tom Cotter:

Tom is set to headline the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival on August 8th in Jamestown, NY. In the next month you’ll be able to see him live in Connecticut, Florida and New Jersey. Click here for his current tour schedule.

Gaby Dunn:

Gaby now blogs for What’s Trending Live while making occasional appearances on the show. She has also launched a new webseries with her best friend entitled Just Between Us, you can hear her Five Minute Not-Cast on Soundcloud and you can read one of her latest pieces in The Jewish Daughter Diaries which will be released on May 6th.

Ron Funches:

Ron plays Shelly on NBC’s Undateable premiering May 29th at 9pm, you can watch the trailer above. In the coming weeks you can find him in Portland, Denver, and San Diego. Click here for his current tour schedule.

TJ Kincaid:

TJ continues to produce around 4-5 new Amazing Atheist videos a week he also runs a new show called The Drunken Peasants.

Colin Mochrie:

Whose Line back on TV, Colin and Brad Sherwood continue to tour together, but did you know that Colin recently released book combining classic literature with improv, it’s called Not Quite The Classics.

Greg Proops:

Greg has digitally released a new hour long special Greg Proops Live a Musso and Frank for $4.99 at gregproops.com. He also continues to tour and release The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast. You can see him live at The Bellhouse in Brooklyn, NY this weekend and across Europe throughout the rest of May.

Nick Pupo:

Hitting it’s one year anniversary a little over a month ago, Nick’s podcast Stand Up Close and Personal has been chronicling the lives of three open mic comics.

Justin Roiland:

Rick and Morty has been picked up for a second season and while the return does not yet have a premiere date, you can catch reruns on Adult Swim and hear Justin voicing Lemongrab and various other characters on Adventure Time

John Safran:

While appearing regularly on Austrailian television, John Safran’s recent projects include a true crime novel entitled Murder In Mississippi chronicling the murder of a white supremacist that John spent an uneasy couple of days with while filming his Race Relations special.

Annual #4 Cover Concept


David Luna tossed around a few concepts for the cover of The Annual #4. Here’s one of the two we didn’t use. The concept, similar to the chaos of our actual cover, occurs in hell with the cast Whose Line performing for a crowd of the damned.

Whose Line is it Anyway? airs Tuesdays 8 (EST) on the CW.

You can read our full interview with Colin Mochrie here.

You can use the code “WHOSELINE” to get $2 off The Annual #4!

Colin Mochrie

He was valedictorian at his high school, because he is flawless.  He is an improvisational comedian, and his brilliance has illuminated The Second City and the British and American incarnations of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Everything this man touches turns to gold. Though for most of our readers, he needs no introduction. This man is…


David Luna: What is your earliest memory?

Colin Mochrie: I was playing with a girl named Mary Brown in Scotland. I think she was my first crush. I was probably around 3. She never calls.

DL: Growing up, who or what made you laugh the most?

CM: My family wasn’t very funny. They’re Scottish, and their humor tends to be quite morbid. I guess my grandfather. He had a good sense of humor. He was a joke teller. He loved telling stories, so it would probably be him. But everyone else was pretty dark.

DL: As you might know, Alexander Graham Bell was another Canadian born in Scotland. Are there any non-comedian historical figures that you revere with great passion, a figure that might inspire you?

CM: I’ve often been fascinated with people like Columbus or Magellan, these people who head out not knowing exactly where to, with some vague sort of goal in mind, but ending up somewhere totally different, sailing a world that they think is flat and could fall off the edge. It’s almost like improvising, except we’re never in any kind of mortal danger.

DL: Do you have a thirst for adventure, or are you a bit more sessile?

CM: I enjoy adventure in the grand sense of the word (going out, doing something I’ve never done before, going places I’ve never been). But, you know, climbing mountains or jumping out of planes, ehhh, no, not really.

DL: Will there be anything new that we might not expect with the return of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

CM: I don’t really know much about it except Ryan, Wayne, and I are doing it for sure, an improviser named Heather Campbell is doing it, and Aisha Tyler is hosting. So it’s nice that there’s actually women involved this time, so it will take some of the pressure off me.

Continue reading Colin Mochrie

My Brush With Colin

Stephen Kadwell

I was in college. I had just been introduced to performing improv earlier that year – it is the first acting class you have to take at WMU. A friend of mine was starting an improv troupe on campus. Well, truth be told he was defecting from an improv troup on campus and starting another. Evidently the other troupe, Suspicious Pudding, was having some problems internally. I never really got the down-low. At any rate, we started our own troupe, Shallow Insight. Some day I’m going to write a compendium of improv troupe/group names. I imagine it will start with Aardvark Express and end with The Zip Zap Zoppers. At the time we thought we were pretty clever. Ok, I still think that.

I had watched the UK version of Whose Line is it Anyway so I was familiar with improv in that regard. My favorite, as I’m sure it is for many a Whose Line fan, was Colin Mochrie. I’ve never been a nut, just a fan. Even my passion for Star Trek: The Next Generation doesn’t bleed through into my everyday life. I wasn’t crazy obsessed, but I enjoyed (and still do) Colin’s style as he always makes me laugh. I did something I rarely do, something I’ve never done for any of the cast of ST:TNG. I wrote Colin a letter. I mentioned that I was a college student in love with improv and asked if he had any pointers for someone who wanted to make a go of it in that realm. I assumed it would be intercepted by his agent or some such, but I dropped it in the mail and waited.

Fast-forward a year and some months later. I don’t know the exact length of time, but it’s always seemed like a year – it was at least long enough for me to forget that I had sent any such letter to begin with. It was then that I got an envelope in the mail from Canada.  I could not, for the life of me, figure out who I knew in Canada. I thought about it all the way from the mailbox, up two flights of stairs, to my ground floor apartment. (the building was built into a hill). When I opened the envelope one solitary paper fell out. It was an autographed photo of Colin which read “Best Wishes, Stephan”. I bought a frame for it.

Fast-forward some eighteen or so years later. Kayla, my girlfriend, is also a Whose Line fan, though she geeks out a bit more than me. She’s on a quest to meet all of the performers. She bought us tickets to see Colin and Brad in Lakeland, FL. and to prepare for the adventure we watched the DVD of their show, which I recommend. Lakeland is a city between Orlando and Tampa that exists, I think, because it is between Orlando and Tampa. Up until my visit there, I had assumed its only claim to fame was a Publix that had been used in the filming of Edward Scissor Hands. I was mistaken. They also have a giant performing arts center that is attached to a basketball arena of some kind. The night we attended the performance, there were some sort of basketball finals going on. It wasn’t hard to tell who was attending which event and both cursed the other as we attempted to park.

The performance was nothing short of amazing. If you get a chance to see Colin and Brad live, you should. I imagine the rest of the crew is equally as talented live so go and see them as well. Or find some live improv wherever you may be, here in Chicago, Cook County Social Club is the group to see. (Though for entirely different reasons thanColin and Brad. It’s amazing how deep the art of improv is.) Kayla wanted to wait for Brad and Colin, so we skulked about the back doors of the theatre for while. We were about to give up when they emerged. I’m not sure how jet lagged they were but I do know they had done two performances that day and I’m familiar with how much an improv set can take out of you. They both looked exhausted and, if I’m not mistaken, they both sighed a little when they noticed that there were two more fans who wanted to meet them. Kayla just smiled and shook their hands, I did the talking. This wasn’t because I wasn’t allowing Kayla to speak, but rather because she was a little dumbstruck by finally meeting them. I said something to the effect of “We just wanted to shake your hands and tell you how great you did” and I mentioned a mentor of ours who was a friend of theirs. They eased a bit when they heard our mutual acquaintance’s name. For some reason the only other thing I could think to say was “Lakeland, huh?” To which, I’m fairly certain, they both replied “Yeah.” I think I sounded like an ass, though that wasn’t my intent. They did a hell of show and I have the greatest respect for both of them.

Someday I might try and get another autographed picture of Colin. One with my name spelled correctly. (I’m content to have one with my name on it, though that may have been added by his agency as well). Until then, the one I have will hang near my computer and remind me that, however unlikely, with enough talent you can earn a living doing the thing you love.

My Brush With Colin was published in The Annual #4 and can be purchased for $3 by using the code “WHOSELINE” this week!

Stephen Kadwell (an improvisor, asked to write a guest piece for our Improv Issue) is currently studying at the Second City conservatory as well as iO in Chicago. He performs with a yet to be named group and is a creative consultant for “Mommy” a two man sketch comedy team. He has a BA in Theatre from Western Michigan University and an M.Div from Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando Florida. Improv and comedy are two of his passions. He accepts donations.

Whose Discount is it Anyway?


On Tuesday, July 16th, Whose Line Is It Anyway? will make its much anticipated return to television. As many of you know, The Annual #4 features an exclusive interview with long-time cast member Colin Mochrie.

This week, we are celebrating the return of Whose Line and the previously mention interview by sharing three pieces from The Annual #4! But the fun doesn’t end there. For the entire week you can save $2 on The Annual #4 by using the code “WHOSELINE” at checkout. It’s a great deal for Whose Line fans, Improv fans, or anyone who likes comedy! Purchase your copy today!

One week until our Colin Mochrie Interview

On Tuesday, July 16th Whose Line is it Anyway? will return to television. The following morning we will post our exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie from The Annual #4! Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

David Luna: What is your earliest memory?

Colin Mochrie: I was playing with a girl named Mary Brown in Scotland. I think she was my first crush. I was probably around 3. She never calls.


DL: In improv, have there been train wrecks or cringe worthy moments that you’ve witnessed or gone through that stand out in your memory?

CM: Absolutely, but the beauty with improv is it’s gone. Once you do it you’re onto the next thing because your mind is going 100 miles and hour just trying to keep things going.

DL: Now, where did your reverence for nature come from?

CM: I have no idea. My people are not nature people. It’s not like we ever went camping or anything. I enjoy the outdoors. When I wanted to be a marine biologist, under the sea always fascinated me. I just loved, and I still love, going under water and just having that peace. Even though it’s teaming with life, there’s a peace and quiet that you don’t get on the surface.

You can order your copy of The Annual #4 and read the full interview the second it arrives in your mailbox

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Annual #4 Now Available!


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Annual #4!

Issue 4cover

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