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This Week on The Last Hurrah – VHS Virtual Reality

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

80 – VHS Virtual Reality

This week, knowing that Thom has lived the virtual reality experience, we try to relay that feeling to those in the audience. Kevin and Christine dish on their troubled history with video games and things take an explosive turn when we play a new game!

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday June 12th for a new adventure!

Live from the MET, this week Karli finally returns to the Two Person Family (But Not by Blood) Band! There will be slam poetry, there might be hot dogs, who knows? You will, when you join the fun this Sunday!


The Last Hurrah’s Month of Guest Hosts Begins Sunday

If your excuse for not attending The Last Hurrah has been a blatant and unrestrained hatred for the host, then you’re in luck! Kevin’s out of commission to work on OedipusROX! at the MET (opening April 8th) so the next four shows will decidedly be hosted by anyone else!

We kick off the run of guest hosts with Julia Williams, she was a special guest on Tinder Live, portrayed the role of Snaggle in A Christmas Play, and is a full fledged Comedy Pig! Her final shows with the Comedy Pigs are March 18 & 19 and she’ll be performing as the Gravedigger in Shakespeare in the Pub presents: HAMLET in Alexandria on March 22. She’ll be talking about advice and “words of wisdom” she’s been getting from folks over the past few months. Don’t miss this show because if you can’t see her other performances you may never see her again as she is set to head to the Windy City in a few weeks. She’ll be joined by an incredible-soon to be announced-panel. Plus, Matt Kline will be performing a hot-15 minutes of stand up comedy.

Join the fun at Frederick’s Free Comedy Chat Show this Sunday, 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!


This week on The Last Hurrah (2/17/16)

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

Oh wait… YOU CAN’T! A while ago we switched to a new recording system, it went off without a hitch until this week when the program crashed mid-recording. By this point we’ve gotten cocky, stopped using the back up recorder, after this week we will use the back up. More reason to join us live, but pick out any random past issue on iTunes!

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Feb 21th for a brand new adventure!

As Frederick starts to warm up, we’re taking the show to beach—take that, reverse it. Bring your towels and your swim trunks because we’re having a beach party!


Tonight’s Last Hurrah (1/10) CANCELLED

We at the Last Hurrah are terribly sorry to announce that tonight’s show has been cancelled due to a city-wide power outage paired with our crippling fear of the dark. We will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on January 24th and are working on getting a web-exclusive episode to you all shortly.

Best regards,
That Stone Cold Pack of Weirdos at The Last Hurrah

Tonight on The Last Hurrah!

–We’re melding charity and comedy this week! During the show we will collect blankets to donate to the Frederick Community Action Agency! So bring a blanket and get ready for some laughs!–

We know what you’re all thinking, didn’t Mumps the Dying Turkey y’know, die? Well he left behind an egg and that grew into yet another dying turkey!

Join our incredible annual Thanksgiving show for a night of comedy, pilgrims, and antibiotic-free poultry! Featuring special guests:  Karli Cole, Lydia Hadfield, Callan Holderbaum, Matt Kline, Christine McQuaid, Lia Seltzer and possibly more!

The Last Hurrah returns with a fresh and free comedy special on Nov 22nd at 7pm! Bring your friends, bring your family and for crying out loud, bring a side dish.

TLH – Indoor Fireworks & Bernie Sanders’ Froyo


The newest Last Hurrah is now available online, download it and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

On July 5th, The Last Hurrah took to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s Stage 2 space to put Baker Park’s leftover fireworks to good use. Then they sat down with Scott Travers, Isabel Duarte and Katie Rattigan to discuss Bernie Sander’s froyo habits and decrepit american theme parks.

Isabel Duarte
Katie Rattigan
Scott Travers
Special Guest:
Wilson Seltzer
Ysa Seltzer
Episode Writers:
Kevin Cole
Isabel Duarte
Christine McQuaid
Katie Rattigan

Join the fun every Sunday at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

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John Waters Or Bust

Inspired by the paperback rerelease of Carsick by John Waters, the cast and crew of The Last Hurrah set out to invite him on the show using most appropriate form of communication/travel.

Music: Government Housing by The Underscore Orkestra
Free Music Archive

The Underscore Orkestra


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Last Hurrah – 25 Year Reunion Special this Sunday

Last Hurrah Reunion Special Karli Cole and Kevin Cole

It’s been 25 years since the cast and crew of The Last Hurrah gathered at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET), okay, maybe it’s only been two weeks but it feels like 25 years. With (emotional) years of behind-the-scenes spats behind them, the original cast of “The Last Hurrah” will reunite in the MET’s Greene Space on Sunday June 7th at 7pm. They’ll look back on how things have changed since their last show, pay respects to deceased cast members, feature some stand-up comedy and make a little boy’s wish come true. Sure, the show’s writers acknowledge that it’s awfully sentimental to host a reunion of this magnitude with only two weeks between shows, but why complain when you could be enjoying some free comedy?

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Spidey-Steve Saves The Last Hurrah

 During Episode 36 of The Last Hurrah things got a little out of hand as our interviewee’s went rogue and kidnapped our host. Luckily a web-slinging hero was in the crowd, ready to save the day!

Learn more about him at SpideySteve.com

Visit LastHurrahLive.com for show dates and info!

Join us back at the MET on Sunday May 10th!

The Last Hurrah: Fight Club – This Sunday

April May Poster

This week on The Last Hurrah, Kevin Cole takes a lesson from Tim Seltzer and Steve Younkins (Q2Q Comics) about defending himself, but when things get out of hand will a webbed hero (Spidey Steve aka. Steve Custer) show up to save the day? You’ll have to join the fun this Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre to find out.

Featuring a special Stand Up performance from Isabel Duarte!

Join us Sunday at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

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