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Ep 3 – Dutch Children

Last Hurrah iTunesEpisode 3 of The Last Hurrah is now online! You can click the picture above to listen!

This week, Kevin is joined by Andrew Michaels, Scott Travers and Laura Stark. The four discuss unhealthy eating habits, aphrodisiacs and adoption. The Comedy Pigs join the show for bit of long form improv. Karli Cole returns to the show to share her latest Yik Yak findings, and give us a taste of Italy.


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EBP: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is tough holiday to get around, luckily the Emergency Broadcast Podcast is here with proper celebration procedure, travel etiquette and cooking tips. We also have an exclusive interview with Seth Sallins, survivor of the Park Ridge Tsunami and the latest news!


Written/Produced/Voiced by:

Kevin Cole

PS: I am aware that last weeks ep has yet to appear on itunes, I am currently looking into creating a new feed to fix the problem.