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Surviving a Fourth Of July Hurricane

Kevin Cole

Hurricane season has begun and unfortunately, the first hurricane of the year has chosen America’s birthday to strike the coast. This has left many on the East Coast wondering what to do in the event that Arthur impedes on their holiday plans. It would be simply unamerican to reschedule, so here’s a convenient guide to enjoying the fourth amidst inclement weather:


It’s awfully hard to keep a grill lit during a torrential downpour so take those burgers inside, put that fireplace to use during the summer. If you don’t have a propane fireplace you’ll want to keep some dry firewood handy. Then, simply wrap your patties around a meat skewer and roast away, it’ll feel like summer camp, only you’ll be inside. This is also an effective way to keep your house well lit in the event of a power outage.


It’s more than likely that your town may cancel their Independence Day Parade due to the safety concerns but with the World Wide Web it’s easier than ever to live stream distant parades. We recommend this border cam where you can view hundreds of Americans and Non-Americans parading across the border, just as our founding fathers did a little over 234 years ago.


During a hurricane nature provides its own natural form of fireworks. Venture out into the dark of night, picnic blanket in tow, and set up shop underneath a nice tall tree. The fresh summer leaves will keep you dry as the storm rages around you. Now, sit back and enjoy lighting strikes in the distance, each bolt is a firework from God’s personal connection, and just wait for finale!