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NO EBP This Week

Hey Gang,

Here’s an update, I wanted to get an EBP to you all this week. However, it looks like it’s not going to happen. I’ve been swamped putting together The Annual #4 before I have to leave for camp training tomorrow. I wish I had something to give you guys, but unfortunately I’m going to have to put the show on hold for the next two weeks. It’s really essential that I get the live show written, and it’s tough to write a 25 minute comedy news show at the same time.

THAT SAID, we are working on developing some new podcasts to help fill the void. So stay tuned and look for The Annual #004, hitting our webstore soon!


-Kevin Cole

EBP: Novel Coronavirus

This week, the Emergency Broadcast Podcast examines the threat of the looming coronavirus as well as discoveries in rubble of Oklahoma Tornado.

After this week the EBP will cut back to a bi-weekly format in order to enable Kevin Cole to adequately run The Annual.


Kevin Cole

Voice talent:

Kevin Cole

EBP: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is tough holiday to get around, luckily the Emergency Broadcast Podcast is here with proper celebration procedure, travel etiquette and cooking tips. We also have an exclusive interview with Seth Sallins, survivor of the Park Ridge Tsunami and the latest news!


Written/Produced/Voiced by:

Kevin Cole

PS: I am aware that last weeks ep has yet to appear on itunes, I am currently looking into creating a new feed to fix the problem.

The Emergency Broadcast Podcast Returns!

The Emergency Broadcast Podcast has made it’s long awaited return to the airwaves with a brand new half hour format! This episode features survival tips for National Dog Bite Prevention week, kidnappings as well as a special interview regarding “twerking” and an examination of Angelina Jolie’s Breasts!

You can stream the entire episode here, OR SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES!!!

EBP 201-Written by:

Kevin Cole

Vocal Talents:

Kevin Cole

Karli Cole