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The Last Hurrah Finds Love THIS SUNDAY

The Last Hurrah is returning to Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm to bring back the free comedy to cap off your month. Whether February brought an incredible Valentine’s or an incredibly disappointing Valentine’s this month’s show is sure to have something for everyone! So join us at 31 West Patrick St. Frederick MD on Sunday Feb.26, 7pm for a show unlike any other!


Click here to listen in on our Feb Writers’ Lunch!

The Last Hurrah Interviews a Dead Guy

Start your week off right by listening to the newest Last Hurrah!


93 – Interview with a Dead Guy

This week on The Last Hurrah, the infamous tale of the man with a hook for a hand instead of a hand. PLUS we discuss the show’s past and future before pulling out a ouija board to summon the dead! Don’t miss all the exciting sex magick this show has to offer!

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday January 29th 2017 for a new adventure!


Regarding Last Night’s Last Hurrah

As advertised and mentioned on the show, last night was the last Last Hurrah of 2016. Two years ago we interviewed a ghost, albeit, that ghost was Andrew Michaels in a sheet, last night we interviewed a real one (depending on whether or not you trust ouija boards).

A lot has changed since we started the show in 2014. Many familiar faces have come and gone, but one thing remained about the same and that was our audience size. Hard as we tried, it was generally difficult to break double digits, which is fine when you’re starting a show but after 93 weeks, a lack of audience growth can be a little taxing. While talking to our new Managing Director at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, I asked her about how we could grow our audience and she suggested that perhaps we did the show too much. Her recommendation: do The Last Hurrah on the last Sunday of every month, rather than every Sunday. This would be the biggest change to the show since Thom Huenger joined the show as band leader, and I was almost immediately game to change the schedule for following reasons:

  1. I had personally grown a little tired, the show didn’t feel that fresh for me anymore. There were times when I would think about the lack of audience growth and consider ending the show entirely or perhaps finding a new host to take over week after week. I love what we had created but there was a part of it that had begun to stagnate.
  2. As a result of stagnation, booking was had become the last thing on my mind, most shows featured the same batch of people based on who was in town at the time. By changing the format, we could set aside one day on our schedules, book multiple guests, possibly bigger guests and up the variety of guests and what we do with them.
  3. As far as content goes, there are a lot of elements to the show we always wanted to try but never had the chance to throw together. By performing a month-to-month basis we take more time to develop material for the show, sketches, games, all kinds of things to make the show more enjoyable.
  4. The chance to really restructure the show and find our voice. The Last Hurrah has steadily evolved over the years. If you listen to our first couple of episode and pick out some episodes from this past summer, you’ll hear a very different show. In this next 14 weeks, we hope to do some reformatting, solidifying certain elements of the show and perhaps cutting others altogether.

In taking two months off from The Hurrah and cutting back, we hope to provide you the viewer/listener with a more solid product. Something immensely funnier and, with any luck, unmissable. Tomorrow, I hope you will greatly enjoy our Ouija Board episode and that you’ll come back to join us on January 29th for a fresh new Hurrah.

Kevin Cole

Join us for the Last Last Hurrah of 2016!

Alright folks, this is it!

We know, we know… it’s not the end of December, but it’s time we take a little hiatus to retool the show. As promised we will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm but it will be THE LAST SHOW until Jan 29th 2017. No matter who is in power, we will return to bring free comedy to Frederick. So join us for one last Last Hurrah and some jokes, music and a Ouija Board!

The fun starts (and then temporarily ends) this Sunday, October 16th at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre! Don’t miss it!


The Last Hurrah wears Necropants

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

92 – Necropants

This week, Kevin, Isabel, and Karli talk Necropants, the dark arts, magic spells and demon summoning, it’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday (halloween) season.

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Oct 16th for a new adventure!

We’re doing it, over the next two weeks we will acquire a Ouija board and see what the hell happens! Don’t miss it!


The Last Hurrah’s Cuddle Kama Sutra

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

91 – Cuddle Kama Sutra

On this week’s Last Hurrah we cope with the loss of Brangelina, drink a little too much apple cider and explore the cuddle kama sutra.

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Oct 2nd for a new adventure!

Join us for the start of October in our moderately haunted house! What spectral spirits await? You’ll have to join the fun to find out!


Last Hurrah – Doula’s Labor Day

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

89 – Doula’s Labor Day

In this episode we explore every potential for labor day, particularly “that kind” of labor with the assistance of a nurse and doula. We grill, we play sports, everything you could want to do on your day off from work.

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Sept 11th for a new adventure!


This week on The Last Hurrah: ACTUALLY Saying Goodbye to Nicky Costanza

DON’T MISS Free Comedy at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm

Last week’s Hurrah was greeted with a very light crowd of old friends, so we took the select few who came out to dinner. It simply would not have been a fitting farewell for one of New Jersey’s greatest comics, Nicky Costanza. For a couple of bucks we talked him into staying in Frederick for one more weekend. So come on out to The Last Hurrah as say goodbye to this great comedian/ice cream reviewer on Sunday August 28th at 7pm.


This Sunday On The Last Hurrah – Robbing Ryan Lochte!

Perhaps the most talked about event from the summer games has been Ryan Lochte’s 5,000 mile dash out of Rio. So this Sunday, when The Last Hurrah brings their free comedy to Frederick, MD, they’ll also bring an in depth look at the robbery of Ryan Lochte. Should he have his medals stripped? Tried in an international court? We’ll look at really happened that day, move over Dan Brown because the newest champions of historical fiction have come to town!

Also, don’t miss stand-comic Nicky Costanza’s final performance on The Last Hurrah stage! The fun starts this Sunday (Aug 21) at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!


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This Sunday on The Last Hurrah: Diss Tracks!

We’re bringing free comedy to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm!

Have you ever been so mad at someone that you couldn’t help but diss them and put it to music? Well this week is your big chance! After discovering the Damn Derek Diss Track we’re setting out to make a diss remotely better. We want your help, need to get something off your chest? Here’s your chance to do it through the liberating power of freestyle.


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